• First of all, I was surprised to see that their house was in the middle of the forest but i love it !! The house is cute and it's very warm inside !! Also most of the finnish have a sauna in their home so before going to bed i used it ! When i woke up today i was amazed to see that it snowed a lot during the night and the landscape is just incredible !!! Then we had breakfast, there was only salty foods which is not usual in France ! They eat special bread and rice pie with butter, ham, cheese or cucumber and some fruit juice.

  • After that, we went outside and we walked on a frozen lake, then we tried to fish but we finally left because it started to be cold, so we didn't get one ! However we bought a salmon and we ate it ! Finnish people don’t usually eat dessert !

  • Then they showed me Myllymaki, which is a place where you have many ski slopes 

  • After, in the evening we went ice skating outside with some friends !