When we got to the Helsinki's airport, I was quite suprised because when I took my suitcase back there was already my correspondant's family waiting for me at the arrivals. We met and after five minutes there was a friendly feeling between each other.
Then we got in the car and we went to the 1 hotel where I took a rest for 30 minutes. After that we went to an italian restaurant and I ate a pizza. It was delicious and the concept was very interesting because the ordering system was futuristic.
When we were full we started our Helsinki visit. Helsinki is a very beautiful city. It remembers me a bit of Geneva but with more colors and a bigger harbour. I love the architecture.

On the evening we saw the lutherian cathedral and its surroundings. It was very interesting to see this cathedral wich looks different from christians cathedral.

Then we visited the Uspenski Cathedral wich has a gothic style as if we were in St Petersbourg. It was red and green and it looks very good in the dark.

Before going back to the hotel we drank a glass of hot chocolate. On the next day we did some shopping and as it was raining Klaara's parents proposed me to end the visit by doing a small tour of the city with the car. We saw beautiful houses next to the harbour, maybe embassies.

Finally, we saw the Suomenlinna island in which there had been strong events during Russian and Swedish occupation.
After this we took the road back to Lappeeranta. I enjoyed it a lot and I am very thankful for Klaara's family.