On Sunday, we went to a spa called holiday club Saimaa. Veera drove us with Laura. There was sauna on the 1sf floor, where everyone was wearing swimsuits. There were also a sauna where you must be naked, in the changing room. There were on another floor, a lot of different swimming pools and slides. There were also a sauna outside on the top of the building. We went in the snow and then we jumped in a jacuzzi.  We spent 3h30 there, with Orane, Emilia, Serine, Matleena, Nicolas and Raisa.



In the evening, we went to Klaara's home. There were Pauline, Oona, Sérine, Matleena, Nicolas, Raisa, Orane, Emilia, Léa, Jonnaa Émile, Klaara, Veera, Laura and us. We spend the evening there, eating snacks.


Pauline et Romane