Even if the weather was not kind with us, we took a good time to visit Lappeenranta and discover it history thanks to different places. The first one was the Water Tower. This tower is 40 meter high has been built in 1955
Closed and then removed as a café, now this tower is closed again for safety reasons and still being the symbol of Lappeenranta.



Then we went to Lappeenranta's church. Built in 1924, it was supposed to be for military orthodox and Russian garrison.
Nowadays it's a beautiful lutherian church.

After the church we took the way to Lappeenranta's Old Park
Also known as the Kissing Park, it was founded in 1850 outside the southern fortification on Lappeenranta Fortress. It is called Kissing Park, because it became a popular meeting place for men and their girlfriends. Lappeenranta's oldest kiosk, Kissing Park Kiosk, built in 1893, is situated on the edge of the park.


To finish our visit of the city, we could see the Fortress of Lappeenranta. Well, it is not a Fortress anymore but we have a beautiful view of the lake and we could visit also


the "Old Town" which still habitated. In this Old Town is situated the art museum of Lappeenranta. There was an incredible exhibition of Juha Metso, a Finnish photographer, about the human kind.IMG_20170223_132545